Watch How These Golden’s Discover The Ice Cube Jackpot!


Every pet owner knows that their pet is extremely observant and very clever at getting what they want especially if what they want involves food and drink. Technology does not appear to be a barrier to an animal’s insatiable curiosity or their innate ability to just figure out how things work.

One of the neighbor’s cat has watched people ring the doorbell. The cat learned that the doorbell would make people open the door. The cat learned to hop up on the banister and paw the doorbell regardless of the time of day so she would get into the house when she wanted to. The cat naturally opted for ringing the bell around two in the morning.

This little 21 second video is a wonderful example of how dog’s watch, learn, and then do things that are really designed for people to do. The little trick the group of Golden Retrievers learns is actually a bit mystifying to many humans. The dogs obviously do not have a problem learning how to get what they want from a machine made for people to use.

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