WATCH: He Takes Uncooked Fries, Then Leaves Them In A Sink Of Cold Water. The Reason? Wow!


This video takes you through all of the steps. You start off with peeling the potatoes. You can then use a mandolin, which is the best tool to help cut them quickly and without having to do a lot of complicated cuts. If you don’t have this tool, then you will need to use a knife. This is done easy enough by cutting the potato into slices and then into the thin strips. The potatoes then soak in cold water. This is the step that almost everyone forgets – and you cannot forget it. I thought he was crazy at first, but then he explained why you do it – to get rid of all of the extra starch. It was definitely an AH HA moment if I’ve ever had one. After the potatoes have soaked for a while, you drain off the water and then put them into a large pot. Submerge them into water and then boil them. Add in some salt and some malt or white vinegar.

When the potatoes are done, you drain and then add some cold water on top of them again to cool them down and remove some excess salt.

They can be dried off a bit on a towel and then they go into a deep fryer. They are dipped in and friend for just a moment – no longer than one minute. When they come out of the fryer, they are not going to be golden brown, but just wait…have you ever seen McDonalds fries? They are frozen! Yours will go into the freezer as well. Then, you just fry them off again and now you have the real deal.

Who needs to wait in the drive thru when you can make your own?

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