Want to Make the Cutest Cupcakes EVER?! Learn How to Make MINION Cupcakes in Just Minutes!


Would you like to make popular Disney Theme character cupcakes that look like they came from a bakery? Do you think your skills are not good enough to pull it off? Not only are you talented enough to make this easy master piece; but you can do so in about ten minutes! Watch this video and make your child’s next party a major success!

Minions are adorable and funny little characters from the Disney hit movie, “Despicable Me”. The delightful cupcakes are being prepared by the popular YouTuber, Rosanna Pansino. Rosanna begins with a basic banana cake batter which came from one of Martha Stewart’s collections. It is easy and quick and Rosanna takes you through each step.

While the cupcakes are baking, Rosanna takes Twinkie cupcakes (which she has chilled) and cuts them in half to form the Minion’s faces. Using frosting and candy she makes the glasses, the eyes and the smile on each one. Sprinkles are used for the hair (you only need a few). Each Minion can be made to have his own personality. They can be looking in different directions and have funny smiles. Just like in the Despicable Me movie. When cooled the cupcakes will be frosted with a nice blue frosting which is the color of the Minions pants. (Try to get matching blue cupcake papers to get the entire look of the characters). A Twinkie Minion is placed on each cupcake and you have created a prize winning master piece. These cupcakes are sure to win the hearts of your children and their guests. They are almost too cute to eat!

Rosanna Pansino is a funny and talented lady. She makes YouTube videos for creative and easy foods. There is nothing more enjoyable than making your own, bakery quality foods for parties and holidays. Many of us would love to do our own baking, but it is so time consuming. By viewing the YouTube video first, you can make an easy to follow shopping list or view the video from your smart phone at the super market. You are sure to have everything you need. Rosanna even explains what bowls, pans, and mixing cup sizes you will need. It has never been so easy to be creative.

During the holiday season, you can add red frosting Santa hats to your Minions for a festive treat. Use your imagination and get creative. You are only limited by your imagination.

The cupcakes taste incredible. The recipe is homemade and created by a world-class master chef. The easy decorations are inexpensive and easily located at any grocery store. Bake a batch of cupcakes in advance and store them in the freezer. This makes them easy to transport and when they are thawed, they taste like they just came out of the oven.

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