Want to make a dessert that will totally WOW everyone?! This cake will be the HIT of any party!


Baking cakes is amazing, it’s an activity that everyone should do because it can actually be quite relaxing, and it is also amazing to forget about problems. Making a regular cake, however, just doesn’t cut it anymore because it’s just too simple and pretty much everyone does it. We now have this amazing tutorial provided by Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio that is going to show us how to make this amazing rainbow cake that will make everyone around you just go “wow! “even before they even taste it. The cake itself looks amazing, and it surely tastes amazing as well. To make the cake, you are going to need some cake better, some bowls, some food coloring, some butter cream and an 8-inch round pan. After you get your cake batter, you need to divide equally into a few bowls (6 in the video). You need to have it evenly distributed or else the cake is going to have a few layers bigger than the others.

Then you need to place the food coloring into each of these bowls, with a different color for each bowl. As soon as you add it, you need to mix it with a spoon to evenly distribute the color throughout the batter. Make sure to use a different spoon for each bowl so that you won’t mix any colors. It’s important not to mix the colors at all in order for the cake to be prettier.

Once you have the colors distributed, you are going to need to grease up your cake pan, and then you need to place your cake batter into the pan. Just do one color at once, so that you won’t mix it. When you place the batter in the pan you are going to have to work it out in order to get the batter across the edges of the pan. Follow this step for every color until you have all of the colors baked.

Then you need to divide and color the buttercream, just like you did with the cake batter before. You do need to leave a little bit of buttercream without the coloring so you can place it between each colored layer. Then you need to apply some coating on top of the cake in order for it to be ready for the icing.

This tutorial shows us how to make this amazing peddle effect with the colored buttercream, just so that the cake looks incredible at the end. You do need to work a little bit in order to finish this cake properly, but that is just going to make eating it a whole lot better. On top of that, your family and friends are going to be blown away as soon as they look at this amazing cake.

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