Wait Until You See What This Little Puppy Does – It’s Unbelievable


Most people that own dogs teach then to do some tricks. Usually the tricks are not that elaborate. This video has to be one of the most incredible dog trick shows that you will ever see. It is jaw dropping. You just cannot keep yourself from watching this again and sharing it with everyone you know because the dog is beyond amazing.

Misa Minnie is a two and one-half year old Yorkie. To say the little dog is smart is the understatement of the century. The dog’s repertoire of stunts is really stupendous. The variety includes a lot of the “normal” dog tricks and some stunts you probably have never seen any dog do even in a circus.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the performance is that the dog displays what would be termed human emotions on command from the lady that owns the dog. She tells the dog to look sad and the dog does that sad dog look that everyone that owns a dog knows.
Misa Minnie is tiny. She is about a large hand full of dog at most. The bright little eyes just tell you how smart the little dog is. The dog is small enough to sit in the shoe of the lady that owns her. We all love little dogs and this is one of the cutest dogs you will ever see. The hair over the eyes and in the face is really cute and cuddly.

Just share this video with your social media pals and friends and wait for the response. They will not believe this. It is really difficult to believe what you are seeing. The video is definitely a tribute to a lady that is patient and a little dog that is really smart.

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