VIDEO: When She Poured Corn Starch on This Steak I Thought It Was Gross. But When I Tasted It I Freaked!


Nothing screams “American food” like a piece of steak that has been perfectly seared. When it comes to steak preparation, there are hundreds of recipes out there that all boast of out doing the others. From the grilled variants to the pan seared counterparts and the deep fried variety, steak is a delicacy that is enjoyed the world over. America’s test kitchen cooking school, a cooking show that boasts a kitchen made of 40 test cooks trying out everything used in food preparation from spatulas to exotic ingredients to huge industrial sized kitchen equipment decided to conduct a kitchen experiment to discover the best method for preparing the perfect seared steak.

One could liken the kitchen to a live laboratory show that prides itself on discovering the secrets to perfectly made meals. Trying out all the wrong ingredients and then the right ones making all the mistakes there is to make in food preparation so you do not have to. It is food heaven for many food lovers. So taking on the challenge of discovering the secret to a perfectly seared steak is something a lot of people would definitely be interested in.

Preparing the perfect steak depends on the number of key factors. First, you want to make sure the cut is just right. You want to be on the lookout for steak cuts that are at least one and half inches thick. This is so that they can stay on the grill for as long as possible. When it comes to beef, some people prefer to savor the real natural flavors of the beef, probably adding just a hint of salt and pepper, nothing to fancy, while others could go as far as adding vinegar, creating a dip or marinade made up of various ingredients that could include sage, soy sauce, honey, dried and roasted peanuts or whatever picks their fancy.

Secondly you will want to take the cooking time into consideration; steaks are often eaten rare, medium-rare or well done. Whatever your preference is, what everyone who eats steak has in common is the appreciation for a well prepared piece of steak. This leads us to why America’s test kitchen cooking school has come up with a way to keep the steak from steaming instead of browning. The secret is corn starch! To get that crusty texture while sealing in the flavors of the beef they suggest you coat the steak with a mixture of corn starch and two tablespoons of salt and then store this in a freezer for 30 minutes to firm them up and the coolness from the freezer ensures that they can sit on the grill for an adequate amount of time. The salt not only adds to the flavor, but helps to draw out some of the juice from the meat. After this process is completed then you can proceed to cook your steak.

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