VIDEO: When She Handed This Gigantic Gorilla A Stuffed Animal, I Was In Awe At What Happened Next!


Love transcends beyond human imagination. It is a feeling that cannot be quantified, measured or sometimes understood. With the way we were all created, everyone is capable of love whether you like it or not. It is not absurd for a man to love a woman, a woman to love a man, a man to love a man, a woman to love a woman and a woman to love her child but is it strange for an animal to show love to another? This makes we wonder if a gorilla has emotions. But in this video, it amazes me to find out that Koko, the gorilla can kiss a baby, cuddle a baby and even feed a baby the way a human would. The way she plays with a stuffed animal is simply awesome and trying to relay her feelings through sign language goes to prove that anybody can be whatever they want to be.


Scientists and innovators come up with a lot of ideas and great innovations. So, it is not weird for an individual to cook up a theory and actually bring it to life. What ideas have you thought about and what have you done to ensure that it passes the test of time? Just by using cookies, milk, coffee and an ice cube tray, a whole new idea or innovation comes alive. Do you want to try it?


Children are great imitators of what they see and hear. It is advisable to be careful around them. Isn’t it stupid to dance on a pole right in front of them?

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