VIDEO: This Spider Not Only Looks Creepy, But What It Is Capable Of? This Is So Weird!


The peacock spider is really cool, but it’s freaky looking. This spider video has captured the interest of millions and it has gone viral. When you look at the peacock spider in action, you will understand why. When you look at the video of the peacock spider, it’s going to show you the very strange mating ritual. There is an intricate dance that the spiders do that show off all of their colors to attract a mate. The mating dance is quite entertaining because it looks like the spiders are dancing. They shake their bodies and move their legs above them in a very choreographed way.Be careful when you first hit play on this video. It looks as though this spider is wearing a Halloween mask and if you have arachnophobia, you may get goose bumps just looking at the thing. As it arranges its legs to show off the colors, you will see what looks like a face up in the air. Don’t be fooled – it’s just the colored hairs on the spider.

The video goes for just over three minutes and captures almost the whole dance. With the way this peacock spider can move, it’s no doubt going to be able to find a mate in no time at all.

Once you see the video, you’re going to want to watch it again and again just to see how this spider moves around. The tail of sorts comes up just like a peacock, but it doesn’t fan out. It’s simply a disc-like shape that flips up and it vibrates back and forth.

Watch in silent fascination as this peacock spider does the mating dance and then share the video with your friends. What do you think? Does this spider look like any other spider you have seen before?

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