VIDEO: This Man In Purple Thought It Was A Good Idea To Burn The American Flag. Biggest Mistake Of His Life


During the video, you see the people who are trying to burn the flag. Then, there is a swarm of patriotic people who are hell-bent on stopping the disgraceful ceremony. They are carrying the American flag proudly behind them. The man in purple who is trying to burn the flag says something, but all you can hear is the chants of “USA”. At one point, he is forcefully removed by the police and he begins to fear for his safety because of the debris being thrown at him. The chants continue, and they likely continue into the night, though the video cuts off after a few minutes. The patriots did the right thing. They stepped in to stop the anti-American ceremony and properly served their country. Have you ever seen someone burning the American flag? Would you step in life these patriots did? Many people get quite defensive in the comments, and talk about how the man should have been punished more severely for burning the American flag. You’ll want to watch the video for yourself as this man stands in front of everyone in order to make his point. People watch, not knowing exactly what is going to happen. For six minutes, the video goes on in order to show what is taking place.

The video is a little shaky, but it gets the point across. There are quite a few people who are offended by what he’s doing, and it shows throughout the video. Ultimately, the man learns that he should not be burning the flag. While he doesn’t apologize, we hope that he has learned his lesson from all this.

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