VIDEO: She Was Playing With A Baby Horse When Out Of Nowhere It Did THIS! WHOA…


All throughout history, horses have been sensitive creatures. They are typically gentle by nature, and pulls in particular, are usually very sweet. However, I would have never expected to see something quite like this. The video involving Sunny and an adorable baby horse has gone viral – and as soon as you see it for yourself, you will know exactly why. It is absolutely precious, and you will want to watch the video over and over again. Sunny Bayne is a young girl who was playing around with a little fall. The horse decided it needed a little bit more love. What happens after this, is so precious that you will want to watch the clip again and again. Animals are capable of just about anything. Many people forget that they are capable of love, just like you and me. When you see this video, you will remember how loving animals can truly be. This horse decided it wanted to cuddle. It begins nuzzling Sunny, and then envelops her into what best can be described as a horse hug. We are so fortunate that one of her friends caught this amazing moment on video and shared it on Facebook. The response from the video has been incredible. The one minute video has more than 10 million views on YouTube, and it has been shared hundreds of times. This girl and her foal have obtained instant fame.

Sunny wrote about her love for this horse instantly, and the horse melted her heart. From this day on, she will have a very special place in her heart for this horse.

It’s not the most likely kinship, but it is certainly too adorable to pass up. It can remind you that people and animals alike are capable of love, and need some love from time to time.

The video starts out by Sunny on her knees in front of the baby horse. The horse then decides to get a little closer, and go in for the hub. This is when Sunny fall back and the horse goes with her, laying on top of her, and they are simply in a bonding moment. The horse begins to novel, and you can see another horse in the background, which is much larger. It’s almost as if the other horse is contemplating getting in on the action for some additional cuddles as well.

It’s probably a good thing that the large horse did not get down on the ground too, but Sunny was able to handle the baby was just fine. Watch this video for yourself and find out why this video has gone viral. You will have a new appreciation for horses.

Watch the video as this beautiful friendship blossoms, and share the baby horse video with your friends.

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