VIDEO: She Poured Mouthwash Into the Washing Machine. When I Saw Why, I Tried This Myself Right Away


There’s a viral video that’s lighting up the internet right now and at first, I couldn’t believe that this woman did this! She poured mouthwash into the washing machine. What in the world was she thinking? Then I saw the results and man, I wanted to go get some mouthwash and go home and do the same exact thing. You are probably like me and everyone else. You hate doing laundry. There’s a lot of steps involved and it takes way too long.

Are you one of those people who sniff your clothes to see if you can get a second or third wear out of them? There are a few washing machine hacks that you can use within this video and laundry will suddenly be a whole lot easier.

One of the first in the video is to help you with cleaning your jeans. You don’t want that denim color to fade, so here’s what you do. Rub water and salt together and then rub it across your jeans. The salt will help the color set so you don’t have to worry about the fading process any time in the near future.

Ready for another one? When you wash your colored clothes, use the cold water, not the warm or hot. It will not only prevent colors from running, but it can save on your electric bill, too.

Here’s another thing I never thought about. If your iron is broke or you don’t feel like setting up the ironing board, just use your hair dryer. It’s a great hack for when you’re traveling, too.

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