VIDEO: I Killed This Spider, But Then Noticed Something Beyond My Worst Nightmare


You can’t believe what this spider had living in it. Watch this video and see the giant parasite that crawls out of this tarantula. It’s bigger than the spider. This video looks like something out of a horror story. Creepy, Creepy is the only thing that comes to mind. When the spider is killed something so gross comes crawling out. This horsehair worm looks to be over a foot long, all in a creepy brown coil. Watch as this brown coil slides out of this giant spider. What a creepy sight to see. This is so scary and gross as you see this big parasite come slithering out.
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.08.58 PM

The brown coiled worm has been living inside this big tarantula and eating when the spider eats. It is very scary because parasitic worms are known to live in us at times! That is why it’s so creepy. You think something even bigger than the worm in the tarantula could be slithering around in your intestines, yuk!


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