VIDEO: I Can’t Believe I Had No Idea The Right Way To Cook Steak. This Is The Only Method I’ll Ever Use


Have you ever come home and forgot to lay out steaks for dinner? I know I have, so I have come up with a way to cook frozen steaks and you don’t even have to thaw them out first. First get a pan big enough to cook your steak in so that the steak does‚boil instead of frying in the pan. Second you will want to cover the hot pan in olive oil, about 1/8 of an inch. When you put your steaks in the pan you want to make sure there are no water crystals that have developed on the surface of the steaks because water comes into contact with hot oil it will spite everywhere and cause a grease fire, which is not what you want. Third, place your frozen steak in the pan and let it set there for about 90 seconds on the first side or until it is a nice golden brown and then flip it over so that you can do the same thing to the other side. When it is browned on both sides place on a wire rack that is on a sheet pan that has edges and put it into a preheated at 275 degrees and let it cook for about 18-20 minutes or it gets to the doneness that you like.
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Here is a tip to prevent water crystals from forming on your steaks while they are freezing. When you put them in the freezer lay them on a flat surface that is lined in wax paper. Leaving the steak flat will keep water crystals from forming on your steaks and you won‚ cause a grease fire. How the steak is cooked to perfection and staying juicy is really simple. Since the steak is frozen and you are browning it on both sides it causes it to sear and lock in the juices so that when it is done browning and you place it on the wire rack to cook in the oven the juices are locked into the steaks. While it in the oven cooking at a low temperature the fibers of the steak will slowly release the water inside the steak but not letting it being released out of the steak. Slow cooking it will keep it juicy and super tender. With all of this being said, cooking a frozen steak is probably the best technique for two reasons, the steak stays super tender and juicy when it gets to the doneness that I like and if I have forgot to lay steaks out they can be cooked in a hurry for a quick week night meal. I will probably never cook a steak different again.

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