VIDEO: He Rescued A Puppy From Certain Death 10 Years Ago. What His Dog Did To Repay Him Is ASTONISHING


Hodgson was walking through the woods nearby his country home, like he did so often in the years since. Winding through the trees, listening to the sounds of the forest around him. Suddenly, something in the distance caught his eye. There lay something ahead, it moved, it was small, fury. As Hodgson grew nearer to the creature, he stopped, hesitating in his steps. Was it a badger? He peered closer, squinting his eyes at the dark colored furry creature as it nuzzled the ground. With a swift wag of its tail, Hodgson instantly knew what it was, a puppy!

Hodgson let out the breath that he hadn’t realized he had been holding. With the sound of released air and tensions, the puppy whipped his head around, noticing Hodgson for the first time. Before Hodgson knew it, the puppy came leaping into his arms and furiously licking his face. With that, they became friends for life, the duo of Hodgson and Badger.

Badger followed Hodgson everywhere. They enjoyed a leisurely life together, going on long walks through the woods, hiking through snow covered trails, capturing the beauty of the countryside that surrounded them through the lens of Hodgson’s camera.

One fateful day, the easy going lifestyle of Hodgson and Badger came to an abrupt end. It began like any other, the duo ventured out on a hike of exploration through the snow covered terrain of the mountainside. They walked together for a short time. Hodgson only planned to be outside for a few minutes so he hadn’t bothered to wear the proper clothing attire to protect himself from the harsh conditions of the day. As with most whom are passionate about their field of work, Hodgson and Badger drifted farther and farther from home, fully captured by the beauty of nature that encompassed them.

Before long the duo happened upon an exquisitely frozen lake with several bald eagles soaring through the landscape with an eloquent grace. Hodgson stood awestruck by the image he encountered for a moment before it dawned on him to pull out his camera. He crept slightly closer, focusing his camera lens, wiggling his foot a little closer to the edge of a sharp drop in the hillside. Hodgson leaned forward, his finger hovering above the button that would capture the image of his dreams.

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