VIDEO: He Filled Balloons With Chocolate. But When They Popped? The Coolest Thing Happened! WOW!


The World’s Unique Chocolate Creations, The international acclaimed cacao bean flavoring, or commonly known as chocolate help bakers and others created these unique chocolate creations. An Easter egg contest brought out contestants from everywhere. The winner created the world’s largest solid chocolate egg, which took more than 20 artisans about 500 hours using 1900 pounds of Swedish chocolates to form an outstanding creation and break a world record.

The secret technique showed a finished product standing more than 8 meters high. An English culinary school competition brings out winners building a 37 feet of delicious deep, dark cacao powder sweeten to taste shaped the London Clock Tower taking first place. The American showmanship found a couple mixing racing and chocolate combination making a replica of the current top racecar.

The couple built a racecar frame and piled melted chocolate in layers until car-shaped. The couple used different flavors of chocolate to create the exterior features of racecar supporter designs and wheels. The final unique chocolate creation comes from Eastern Europe made as a centerpiece to attract visitors to a new mall opening. The “Fabulous Chocolate Room” more 180 square foot using chocolate blends from the world’s top chocolate candy makers.

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