VIDEO: He Cuts A *X* Into Wood With A Chainsaw. What He Did Next Has Me Begging Him To Make Me One


You will never build a fire the same again after learning of a simple trick known to mankind since 1618 that allows a single log to burn for hours! The “Swedish torch fire” was named during the thirty year war where Swedish soldiers found the technique most efficient for their diverse needs. The soldiers from 1618 through 1648 did not always have the firewood on hand to continually feed a fire, nor did they have any sources of firewood other than the fresh pine that surrounded them. Due to these challenges, the soldiers developed a technique that would allow a single long to burn for hours.

The idea of the “Swedish torch fire” is to cut am x three quarters of the way down a log, vertically of course. Stand the log on its end and build a fire on top. The fire will slowly burn down the length of the log, allowing a slow intake of oxygen and creating an even burn. As experiments have proven, the use of different types of wood (other than pine) will cause the log to burn up faster, or more slowly.

Campfires are an age old way of creating a warmth much deeper than physical value. Campfires are proven to function as light sources, warmth, beacons, insect deterrent, cooking sources, and are even proven to provide a psychological sense of security. How did so many of us not know that we’ve been building them all wrong?!

The “Swedish torch fire” is completely unique in its design, the only of its kind to use only one piece of wood as its fueling source. This technique allows the fire to be completely self-fueling, letting you sit back and enjoy without all the work! You can cook on a flame made with the “Swedish torch fire” technique with even heating through your food, creating some of the most perfectly scrumptious campfire meals you have ever had.

So, why are you still wasting all that fire wood?! Watch the video and learn how to create your very own “Swedish torch fire” log. It is simple, only requiring a single log, a chainsaw, and of course, a fire starter source. The chainsaw is used to cut the four slits three fourths of the way down the length of the log. This may be done to several logs ahead of time to pre-prep! The lower into the log your slits are cut, the longer your fire will burn! For a hotter fire, simply cut more than four slits into your log. The more slits you cut, the hotter the fire itself will become. But beware, the hotter the fire is, the faster your log will burn!

The next time you are traipsing through the forest, hunting for mounds of fire wood to feed your campfire for the evening, remember the “Swedish torch fire” technique and keep your fire burning!

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