VIDEO: He All He Does Is Mix Yogurt And Jello And In Just Seconds He Has The Most Delicious Dessert!


This is just a fantastic creation of strawberry pie but in a lot less time. Watch this video from the simple cooking channel and this chef with his great accent guide you along to make this classic dessert. The great thing about this version is anybody can do it. With just two simple ingredients you can make this frozen version. To make this great strawberry pie all you need is some Greek Yogurt and a couple of packets of Jello. Packets or crystals will work just fine. Just mix them together and you have it made. The exact ingredients are 1000 grams of Greek yogurt and 170 grams of Jello crystals or packets. This will be all you need.

This is such a great looking concoction when you see it on this video and it looks so delicious. Take your two ingredients and mix them together in a bowl with a hand- mixer. You can also add a crust just mix it into the other ingredients. This looks so good you won’t believe your eyes. After you have it mixed up good. Then take a pie dish and spray some cooking spray into it. Next just pour the mixture into the pie dish. The final step is to just pop the pie into the freezer for four to six hours and it will be ready.

Once it freezes you are ready to serve this easy strawberry pie. The pie looks delicious in this video. You can’t miss out on this two minute pie. Just watch this quick instructional video and you will see a fantastic treat. One it has been frozen it is now ready to eat. When you see this pie it will look just like a regular pie only much better. The pie will even slice up like a regular pie.

You can even make a no-sugar version. They make a no-sugar added Jello and you can buy no-sugar added yogurt so you can have a very healthy and fast version of this. This is a great little video helping people create such a fast and delicious pie so easily. Watch this video and you will believe this is one of the greatest creations for us simple folks and for those with fancy tastes too. Hey it’s Greek yogurt that is pretty special. Watch as this chef cuts his pie and it comes out perfect. He waves it around like it’s the best thing going and when you see it you understand his attitude. This strawberry pie has the creamiest look to it you have ever seen. You will want to run right out and get yourself some.

Watch this video as this cool chef with a British accent hams it up with this beautiful strawberry pie. Watch this video and share it with your friends.

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