VIDEO: Every Time This Man Plays Elvis For His Pet Birds, They Have The Most HILARIOUS Reaction!


Cockatoo’s can talk and dance but have you ever seen one who recognized the song and more or less acted it out to the Cockatoo next to him? The start of this short video, clearly and Elvis fan, seems to be acting out “Don’t Be Cruel” by his human counterpart Elvis Presley. The song was released in 1956 originally and since then has had many followers and many people sing it. However there are not too many fans like the birds in this video. The male Cockatoo seems to be attempting to court his female friend while the owner of the birds sings this iconic song and plays the guitar.

He shakes not only his tail feathers but also plumes his massive cranial feathers looking much like the great King of Rock himself. As he bobs his head to the music and dances on the perch next to the female Cockatoo who is clearly unimpressed with both owner and male friend, he seems to make the song come to life without personally singing a word. The interaction between the two birds in priceless as the female is seems to play the role of the women being “cruel” in the Elvis song. The male is making his best attempt to woo her with his awesome display of dancing and his best Elvis hair style while getting closer and close to her. At one point in this hilarious video the female Cockatoo even puts up her foot as to be saying she is not interested in the advances of the male.

It is a real treat for any Elvis fan to watch these two as their owner skillfully plays and sings the song to them. These two beautiful birds however are the main starts of the show. They are the reason there has been over a quarter of a million views so far and the number is always climbing. Whether you are a fan of Cockatoos or Elvis, or even just funny animals acting up, this is a must see video!

“Don’t be Cruel” to a Cockatoo by missing this hilarious video, make sure you hit like and share to show your love for this wonderfully funny Cockatoo pair and their owner who seems to have them “All Shook Up” with the great times they can have dancing to Elvis.

I wonder if he has taught them any other dances/plays to other music. Wouldn’t it be great to see these birds do an all Elvis review of his greatest hits? Or maybe even something a bit more modern with “When Doves Cry” by Prince or “Rockin’ Robin”, well maybe they should just stick to Elvis. Enjoy the video.

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