VIDEO: After All These Years Of Using WD-40 Only For Squeaky Hinges, I Had No Idea It Could Do THIS!


Walk into any home or garage in the country and you are bound to see a can of WD-40 lying around somewhere. This household staple is handy to have close by, for a variety of concerns. WD-40 spray can help you fix all of your squeaky hinges and has a wide range of similar uses, but did you know that this common household item has other advantages going for it, besides lubrication? All it takes is one minute to watch this video and learn more about the many usages that WD-40. There are several life hacks that WD-40 allows you to access and this clip aims to show off all of them. WD-40 will have your house looking its best, as it enables you to enlist some nifty do it yourself cleaning tricks. One of the most common household cleaning issues that crops up is the presence of fingerprint smudges on stainless steel items. Thanks to WD-40, you can now make this problem obsolete. If you hate these stainless steel smudges as much as I do, you can simply spray WD-40 on a paper towel and wipe down the area, which leaves it looking as good as new.
Let’s say you have some stickers that are currently taking up space in your home and you wish to remove them from the area. Typically, homeowners are reticent to peel away stickers, due to the fact that they leave a sticky residue behind that is nearly impossible to get rid of.

Well, thanks to WD-40, this is no longer an issue. WD-40 is strong enough to break the glue particles in the sticker residue apart, making for much easier removal. Start by removing as much of the sticker as possible before you apply the spray. Once this part of the process is complete, allow the spray to set for a few minutes before wiping down the area.

If you have linoleum flooring inside of your home, then you are already acutely aware of its ability to accumulate a plethora of scuff marks that are incredibly tough to remove. All you need to remedy this malady is some WD-40 and a cleaning rag. The scuffs will vanish in mere moments, as if by magic. Just be sure to thoroughly clean the area afterwards, since WD-40 is a lubricant and could cause slippage.

Even something as potentially damaging as children drawing pictures on the wall with crayons can be fixed by a little bit of WD-40 and elbow grease. The next time you hear your friends complain about their inability to eradicate these household issues, be sure to recommend this video, so that they can begin to use WD-40 to get rid of them!

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