VIDEO: After 5 Decades this Number 1 Song Still Gives Me The Chills. Do You Recall It?


Music works much like a time machine does. No matter how much time has passed, hearing a classic song from our youth instantly transports us back to whatever we were doing at the time when it was released. Music stays with you for the rest of your life and no amount of time passing can do anything to change that. The best music is the music that hits you square in the soul and makes an imprint on your heart that lasts the test of time. There is a reason why a band like the Rolling Stones is able to tour continuously, even though they do not release new studio albums with the same level of frequency. They are not relegated to nightclubs and state fairs, either, as they still play their mega hits for large and adoring crowds at arenas around the world.

However, the #1 song fifty years ago is not nearly as widely recognized as the Rolling Stones’ classics from the same era. “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” is the track we are viewing here and it is performed by a band known as The Righteous Brothers. If you are not familiar with this smash hit from a bygone era, you can watch the clip in order to familiarize yourself.

What most younger viewers do not know is that this song was all the rage way back when. It became a true phenomenon, finishing in the top 5 for the entire year that it was released (back in 1956!). The song continued to resonate throughout pop culture for years after its initial rise and was included in the beloved Tom Cruise film Top Gun. After being used in the film, it re-entered the Billboard charts a whopping 30 years after its release!

This song has definitely managed to stand the test of time and thanks to its inclusion in Top Gun, has two different meanings to two completely different generations. Unsure about what it sounds like? Then be sure to click the clip and take a listen, so that you can experience it for yourself.

It has been covered by artists as disparate as Jessie J and Tom Jones and was featured in the 2015 Grammy ceremonies. The two clips included here allow you to experience the song as it was originally recorded back in 1956, while the second clip offers a live performance from The Righteous Brothers’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

In order to learn more about this classic music, be sure to watch both clips and share them with your more musically inclined friends and family members! They simply do not make music like this anymore, so show your appreciation while you have the chance.

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