Ultrasound Proves Babies Play Before They Are Born


We have all watched children that have recently been born amuse themselves. They seem to have been born with the need to play and find simple ways to have fun even as early as a day after they are born. One of the most amazing things that ultrasound has shown in developing children is that they play before they are born. Ultrasound is a great way for parents to learn what sex their child is so they can buy the right stuff. It is also an exciting introduction to the newest family member before the child actually makes their debut. Ultrasound lets you get a peek at your child’s personality and behavior as well as their health before they are born. It does at first seem odd that children would play while in the uterus. If you think about it, the behavior is not odd at all. People have an innate and inborn need to play. People have invented games, sports, and arts just to amuse themselves since the first people lived in caves.

The movements that a mother feels while carrying a baby are in part the child playing even though few ultrasound films have actually captured the behavior. Children are known to sneeze, suck their thumbs, and dream in the womb so it is natural to assume that the child also finds time to amuse themselves in the womb as well.
Play teaches children about their bodies and what their bodies can do. It just seems logical that a developing baby in the womb will begin exploring the physical abilities of their bodies around the second trimester. Naturally, play is limited in a small area like the womb but play is essential for healthy mental and physical development. The kid knows this before they are born.
One lucky couple actually got to see their unborn child playing in the womb through an ultrasound film. The baby slides up and down, inspects fingers and toes, and generally cavorts about a lot more than anyone ever thought happened.
Babies playing in the womb are good for mothers too. The movement produces a greater sense of bonding with the child and an enhanced anticipation of the birth. Feeling a child move in you makes a woman want to take care of the baby even before the child is born. Movement also produces hormonal changes that prepare a woman’s body for birth and nursing.
You may get lucky and see your baby playing in your womb when you have an ultrasound done. The odds are in your favor because unborn babies are just as playful inside you as they are after they are born.
When you have an ultrasound done, watch for your baby playing. It is funny and just plain makes you feel good to watch your unborn child playing. Ultrasound lets you see what you have been feeling.

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