Two Horses In A Pond Get Caught On Camera Pulling Off The Most Surprising and Hilarious Trick


While summer might be most peoples’ favorite time of year, that doesn’t make it any less hot.  Even up north where the temperatures are a little friendlier in the summer, you may find yourself wanting to cool on down.  For many of us, that just means taking the opportunity to go for a dip in a nice cool pool.  Even if you don’t have a pool nearby, floating down a lazily flower river, leaping over the ocean’s cresting waves or jumping from a dock into a lake are great ways to cool off, and I’m sure that most of us have had the pleasure of at least one of these experiences.  That said, we are not alone in our love of the water; it turns out that horses also love to cool off by taking a dip.

Many a horse owner and lover will tell you that when the sun is high that their horses will wade up to chest deep in the nearest available source of water.  In Osgoode, Ontario, Canada, this holds true, and these intrepid horse owners took it upon themselves to film it for all of us on the internet to enjoy.  In the below video you can see a pair of horses happily enjoying the water as well as each other’s company.  But, what really sets this video apart from other horse videos you may have seen is what the horses do once they are in the water.

They start blowing bubbles!  You’ve probably enjoyed, or watched your children enjoy, doing just the same thing, but it may not have occurred to you that other animals do so as well – and not just to release air, but because it amuses them as much as it amuses us.  Who knew!  Even when they are just taking a drink after going for a run or taking their owner for a ride, you may find a horse blowing bubbles into their water trough. It’s no different from a child blowing bubbles into their chocolate milk.  I know I did it, and it made me laugh.  Why not Black Beauty too?

This behavior is apparently considered normal, according to the magazine Equus – a widely read publication for the horse lovers of the world.  Blowing air bubbles, rolling around in the water, and ‘doggy paddling’ across ponds, lakes, and rivers are all natural behaviors for horses, who love to play and swim just as much as any of their human riders.

If you’re a horse lover, be sure to check out the adorable video.  There’s just something so precious about seeing horses swimming together and amusing each other with adorable bubbles that sets my heart at ease.  I guarantee that giving this video a view will brighten your day!

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