Song About Fallen Soldiers By Trace Adkins


There are a number of musicians who have paid tribute to the nation over the years through their music. A new music video by Trace Adkins is patriotic, and pays tribute to the troops across the nation. Trace Adkins is a country singer who has had a number of popular songs across the radio for years. The official music video of “Arlington” has been released. It will definitely tug at the heart strings, particularly for those who have lost a loved one in the military. The song is about fallen soldiers, and was inspired by Marine Corps Cpl. Patrick Nixon, and his honorable death. The tribute takes the perspective of a brave Marine who gave his life serving his country. Nixon’s father was in the Vietnam War and he wanted to join the Marine Corps as a way of doing the right thing and honoring his father. He dreamed of becoming a history teacher once he finished his service, and there was a bright future ahead of him.

However, things changed on March 30, 2003. The Marine, along with eight members of his squadron, were caught in deadly fire when they were ambushed by terrorists. They were found trying to secure a bridge, and became fallen soldiers.

The pain of his death will be felt by his family members forever. His sacrifice, however, will never be forgotten. The hero is buried at Arlington national Cemetery, and country music star Trace Adkins decided that he would help to make the memory a little stronger by creating a song about it.

The song is sung by Trace in the music video and includes footage throughout Washington DC, including the Arlington national Cemetery. It also shows military members at a funeral, which is why the video has received so many views, and why many people have broken down crying during and after the video.

Whether you have had someone pass away from being in the military or not, you will appreciate the song for honoring the memory of a fallen soldier, and it is one of those songs that you will want to listen to over and over again.

The video remembers Patrick Nixon, and even includes a photo of his tombstone, featured within the cemetery. Share this video today with your friends and family members so that they can hear the song that has been made to pay tribute to fallen soldiers. Anyone in the military will appreciate the song and what it stands for, and you may find that many of your friends on Facebook will share the video as well, passing on the patriotic song for others to hear.

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