A Trainer Paid His Elephant A Visit After 15 Years Apart. Watch What Happens When He Calls Her Name.


Charlie described the attachment he felt for Nita being similar to how people get attached to babies and notes how much of her behavior is comparable to that of a person’s. He says that you can’t help not falling for them because they are so much like a person. Their interaction shows some of the intelligent nature that elephants possess and how they should be treated with care and kindness.

The old pair still had their routine down and Nita remembered his commands and what to do in response. Charlie said Nita wouldn’t work with someone she didn’t know and that she would be able to instantly tell if someone knew what they were talking about and if the person was truly an “elephant man.”

Charlie was always aware of the fact that he would have to give his beloved elephant up one day, but he was glad she was somewhere that she was being taken good care of. Their day ended with a hug and a kiss request from Charlie that was honored by his dear friend and they even seemed to wave to each other when he was leaving. Many years had passed from the first time the two met but after all that time, they still shared a bond and a relationship that seemed to be unbreakable.

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