TONS Of ‘Wiener’ Dogs Come Running. Just Wait Till You See What They Do!


This year there were 111.9 million television views tuned in to watch the Super bowl on television. When you add larger parties and people who watched the game live, the number of views rises considerably. That is a lot of consumers! With this many almost guaranteed views, advertisers pay big bucks to make sure their products are mentioned. They also pay big bucks to make sure their commercials are remembered. A thirty second commercial to be aired during the Super Bowl cost a whopping five million dollars. Why do they pay the price?
The truth is there is no repetition of the ad and sometimes the ads are a flop. The advertisers would be better off running a series of much lower priced ads on various media outlets if they were counting on the ad reaping rewards on its own merit. So why run the multi-million dollar ads at all? The answer may surprise you.

During the running of a Super Bowl advertisement, the company that is advertising has a substantial rise in the stock prices of their companies. They do not see this rise before the ad or after the ad. The rise has a small window. When the experts on Wall Street realized this, they began finding ways to use it. They will run teaser ads on Social Media and YouTube to plant a seed in the minds of people who will look for that particular ad. This adds to the rise in stock and the experts take full advantage of the rise and make big money from it. Even if it is a short term rise, it can earn the companies millions of dollars.

So, we all get to enjoy the creativity of the ads creators and everyone leaves the Super Bowl party happy. Even the little dogs who are dressed up like wieners.

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