Those Who Have Less Tend To Care More: A Homeless Dog Rescue Story


The crew of Prank It Forward is back and they have a special surprise for Beth Green’s “My Dog Eats First.” The center of Prank It FWD, Tom Mabe, tells of his initial plans to film a movie focusing on people who are homeless and their pets that accompany them, but results in doing more than just interviewing.

Tom starts out by contacting Beth and requesting she participate in his documentary for a donation of about $200 to her local charity “My Dog Eats First.” Then meeting her and thoroughly understanding all of the hard work and volunteering these people do to help the needs of others is outstanding! Before Tom was able to realize the care that the homeless have for their animals he didn’t understand and I quote “If you’re homeless and you can barely take care of yourself, then how can you possibly take care of a dog…”

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