This Woman Wraps A T-Shirt Around Her Wet Hair. When She Removes The Shirt? STUNNING


Thanks to this helpful clip, you can learn more about the process of hair plopping, which will give your curly the bouncy buoyancy that you crave. The technique is easy to master and only requires the usage of a simple T-shirt, an item that can be found in any household. Women who are consistently on the go need not fret, for this routine can take place overnight, allowing for a simple fit into a busy schedule. Start by showering, cleaning the hair and drying it off with your customary towel. From there, apply your preferred styling product, making sure that you are only smoothing onto your hair from the ears down. If you place product above the ears, the hair will become weighed down, which leads to a less attractive appearance, so be sure to avoid adding too much product to the top of the head.

After combing the product neatly through your hair, lay down an oversize cotton T-shirt. Lay it down smoothly on a flat surface in front of you (a bed typically works well) and shake your hair out. Then, flip the hair in front of you, while lowering your head towards the shirt. This part of the process must be done carefully, so that your hair does not become tangled.

While keeping your head still, take the T-shirt and wrap it around the base of your neck. Hold the shirt in place and grab the top of it, tugging the neckline all the way down to your neck’s base. Once you have done this, pull the sleeves onto the side of your head. To create a makeshift turban, tie the sleeves in the front. Tuck in all loose bits of fabrics, so that the structural integrity remains. It could take you a few attempts to master the turban creation process, but once you do, you will love the results. All that is left to do is get a good night’s sleep and unwrap your fresh, bouncy curls in the morning. Once you give hair plopping a try, your beauty routine will never be the same!

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