This Woman Calls For The Horse – His Next Move Took My Breath Away


The horse that you are about to see in this amazing clip is one of the most beautiful creatures you will ever have the chance to lay eyes on. It would be an audacious move for most of us to refer to ourselves as being great, but Frederik The Great more than lives up to his billing. Known as one of the world’s top stallions, there is very little that this horse cannot do.

He has made a home for himself in the United States, in the Ozarks. Even though his particular breed of horse, the Friesian, has been in serious danger of extinction on at least three occasions, Frederik still continues to not only survive, but thrive, as well. He is living proof that we can all overcome adverse circumstances and shine our brightest.

The Friesian breed of stallion is perhaps best known for their black coats, which allow them to stand out among the crowd. However, some Friesian stallions have chestnut coats. These majestic horses stand tall and proud, measuring at an average of 6 feet and 3 inches.

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