This Woman Bakes An Amazing Buttercream Skittles Cake


Eating a cake is something that pretty much everyone enjoys doing. Sure, a lot of us just don’t like a few specific flavors, but cake can come in a huge variety of flavors and as such we do enjoy eating it, nevertheless. To conclude, eating cake is amazing and everyone enjoys eating a nice piece of cake, specially when things aren’t looking great. But not every cake is the same. Some cakes are just incredibly simple: a simple recipe of eggs ad flower mixed up, baked and voilà. Some other cakes, however, are a little bit more complex. It really depends on what the baker wants to do and how much he wants to work that day. Plus a lot of people don’t really even bother making cake themselves, so they end up eating cakes done by someone else.

Well, then the internet happened and a lot of people started doing amazing cakes themselves because others were showing them exactly how to do these incredible cakes. This is exactly what this video is all about: teaching you to make an incredible cake, this time a skittles buttercream cake. This is, exactly as the name tells you, an incredibly tasty and multi-colored treat that is going to blow your mind once you actually do taste it. As if that wasn’t enough, just imagine how the kids are going to react once they hear the news: there is a skittles cake nearby – they must taste it… or devour it. But make sure you don’t tell them how the actual cake is done, because they are going to be pretty angry at you once they find out that you need to open and melt some perfectly good skittles while you are making the cake itself.

This baking tutorial differs from others due to one main reason other than the skittle use, however. This tutorial isn’t exactly as easy as others usually are. The biggest promise in these baking tutorials is that they are incredible simple and super easy to make. Well, that isn’t really the case in this one: you will have to work a little hard before you actually have the chance to enjoy this amazing cake, and you will have to go through quite a different amount of steps in order to finish the cake. Let’s be honest here. Making an easy cake can be, well, easy, but then again there is no real pleasure to it. There is no achievement in baking a cake everyone can make with ten free minutes. But after baking this cake, you will certainly feel like a great baker and it is clear that the cake will taste a lot, lot better due to the amount of effort you had to put into it.

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