This Woman Gives This Pit Bull Some Love, And His Reaction Is Just Incredible


Violence is a horrible thing that should be eradicated from this world entirely. It just causes damage and doesn’t really contribute anything to society, life or the world we live in. It’s just a problem, not a solution.

Unfortunately, violence is apparently growing and not being eradicated. There are a lot of people who support violence and do everything they can to keep it alive for some reason. Some people are motivated by money, others are just entertained by violence. Either way, it shouldn’t exist. It should not be like this.

People who promote violence with money as a motivation often end up in the dog fighting world, training dogs and mistreating them so they become bitter and angry and fight other dogs in a fight for survival. This is a terrible reality and luckily it is against the law so our law enforcement officers keep on fighting this terrible thing.

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