This Will Change The Way You Think Of Potty Training – I Can’t Believe It!


It’s hard enough to get kids to become potty trained, and they speak the same language as us. It’s hard to imagine that a dog can be potty trained. PingPong is a Corgi puppy that has already mastered the toilet.

The video opens up to show stairs up to a toilet. While you wouldn’t think of a toilet being very tall, it is when you are only a little puppy. There is a small struggle at first, but PingPong is able to make it up to the top of the stairs.

You can see that the owners have created a little invention on the top of the toilet using a sheet of acrylic and some binder clips. This allows the dog to get a proper footing around the toilet without falling in. The dog positions himself and takes care of business immediately.

Think about how easy it must be to be the owners of PingPong. They never have to worry about cleaning up the mess on their carpet, or coming home to an unwanted surprise. They also don’t have to be woken up in the middle of the night in order to leash up their dog and go for a walk.

Source: Potty trained puppy uses the toilet by Qiongwen on Rumble

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