This Will Be One Of The Most POWERFUL Videos You’ve Ever Seen. Pay Close Attention To The Ending…


The video is only a little bit more than four minutes long. It is actually one of the best films videos, which makes it so engaging. A little girl has a stuffed animal, and is picked up by her parents. She then goes to meet friends, and everything is loving and friendly. At first, you may wonder where the video is going in terms of pet adoption. Just wait… Things are about to get serious. Everything is very symbolic throughout this video. When the girl goes to the party and she spells, watch how she gets yelled at. You wouldn’t treat your child like this, right? This is what many people don’t realize. When you have a dog, it’s just like having a child. You wouldn’t leave your child on the side of the road, and you shouldn’t do it with your dog, either.

You realize that the end, the girl is not actually a girl. They simply substituted her in for the dog. If you are going to adopt, you need to do so wisely. You are a parent once you adopt a dog, whether you realize it or not. You don’t realize it, you should not be adopting. This is such a powerful video, and I did not realize the symbolic level until the last minute. I could not believe how poorly these parents were treating the child. It brought tears to my eyes. Then, when I realized that it wasn’t actually a child, but the dog, the tears continued to well up in my eyes.

PLEASE share this story to spread awareness about the consequences of irresponsible pet adoption!

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