This Video Will Blow Your Mind. Watch What This Giraffe Does… WHOA!


For most of us, thinking about giraffes conjures up a variety of mental images. We picture giraffes standing tall in an outdoor environment, grabbing a bite to eat from the tops of trees. Or maybe your mind wanders back to childhood, when Geoffrey the giraffe was the star of the Toys R Us ad campaigns.

Whatever your perception is of these amazing animals, be prepared to have it changed forever. This mind blowing video showcases our long necked friends in a completely new light and it is likely that you will never see giraffes in the same way ever again. Most of us who come across this video don’t have the faintest idea what to think.

Nicolas Deveaux has created a crazy video that will leave you slack jawed and speechless for the duration of its running time. While we have all certainly seen some crazy online videos in our time, this one just might take the cake. It may not fit our preferred mental image of what a giraffe does, but it is certainly worth watching, just the same.

The clip begins with a giraffe walking around indoors, which is not an image most of us are familiar with. It is an image that asks far more questions than it answers. How did this giraffe get inside in the first place? Is the giraffe aware of how close their head is to the ceiling?

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