This Video of A Puppy and Baby Growing Up Together Is Worth A Million Views


The bond between humans and dogs is longstanding and usually very thick. Sadly, though some dogs like Pitbulls get a bad reputation among people. But as with all breeds, there are real personalities and some bad ones as well. Just like people each dog is unique.

One little girl and her Pitbull are changing the way that others may view this breed. Here are some firsthand experiences that will help you believe that Pitbulls are gentle, kind and loving and not a dog to be afraid of. Dogs are a good reflection of the owners who take care of them, and when you have a baby loving a big dog with no preconceived ideas of what the dog should be like you realize that is a pure form of love and trust.

Pitbulls which are most commonly known as an aggressive, temperamental and violent breed. Are the product of their owners’ treatment of them. This adorable video proves that they are kind and gentle and caring especially with this little girl. With so many people scared of these big dogs, this little girl Eislegh teaches us that they are as loving as any other dog would be.

Clyde, the white and black Pit Bull, has formed a heartwarming bond with baby Eisleigh. They fell in love with each other unconditionally. After their first time meeting, they have become the deepest and most inseparable friends there could ever be. They are growing up together and sharing as much time as they can with each other. Creating a lifelong bond and trust with one another.

All you have to do is watch the videos and check out the adorable Instagram videos to find out how close these two friends are. Not only are these photos and videos heartwarming and inspiring they are cute and will always bring a smile to your face while you watch them.

Who can’t resist a cute baby video or a cute puppy video? I don’t think anyone could not watch something this adorable. When you combine the two, you have something amazing that you have to watch. While you watch these videos and share in the bond between these unlikely friends, you may find yourself enjoying their adventures together. You may even be excited to see what is next for this duo. There is something to be said about the strong bond between a little girl and her dog as they go through life together.

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