This Video About Owls Is Brilliantly HILARIOUS. I Promise You’re Going To Laugh Until It Hurts!


In order to get people interested in nature you have to make an entertaining video. One way to do this is to use great footage. Another method is adding a bit of humor. This video may go a bit far but it is funny. The narrator of this video makes the video. He has a voice like a pedantic grammar school teacher that sort of hates his job. That’s part of what is funny. The really funny thing is what the narrator says about owls. He states absolute facts about owls but uses expressions that are just hysterical. The narrator states that owlets (baby owls) are born without flight feathers so they compensate when young to prevent predation by camouflaging themselves as Muppets. The baby owls do look a bit like Kermit.

The narrator even makes fun of his own terrible metaphors about owls being the quietest hunters. If silence were loudness then owls would be the loudest bird on Earth. That is pretty bad. The narrator likens the shape of an owls face to a fuzzy satellite dish because the face shape channels sound to the owl’s ears.Trying to ride a bike at night and pick up a burrito based on the sound it makes is the comparison made to the fact that some owls have ears that are higher than each other in order to hear prey better. The narrator stumbles right into the macabre. He reminds the audience of a fairy tale where a little girl that is lost in the woods asks an owl where her mother is. The owl in the person of the narrator responds “How in the hell would I know where your mother is?” and asks “Why are little girls always getting lost in the woods and asking imaginary talking animals for help?” Then the owl eats the little girl’s eye out. The narrator claims the dark tale is German. The narrator cautions his audience to not do drugs because an owl might just rip their face off. This video has some great owl footage. Whoever did the script has a strange but really funny sense of humor. The narrator makes the video. We really doubt this one will be show in any schools.

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