This Turtle Is Deformed Because Of Plastic Pollution


Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems our Planet is facing right now. People are not getting responsible, and continue to destroy the environments we live day after day. But plastic pollution is not causing damages only in our environments. We are polluting the air, we are polluting the land, we are polluting the filling water sources. We are filling the rivers, seas, and oceans with garbage, and we are not the only ones suffering from this. This phenomena is causing a huge impact in the lives of the animals and plans of this planet. To the many animals that call these habitats home, a single piece of garbage can change their lives forever. A really good example of this sad situation is Mae West. She’s a snapping turtle and she has a deformed body.

What happened is that a plastic ring got caught in her shell when she was really young, and while the snapping turtle was growing bigger, the plastic ring caused the deformation. It did not allow the “waist” of this snapping turtle to grow evenly with the rest of the body. Now that she is an adult, she looks really different from the other snapping turtles, and has some health problems. Some parts of her body did not grow as they should, and now Mae West is going through all that she is going.

Fortunately she has a home, and people take special care of her. She needs to get some help, because she can’t function properly. Thankfully some people try to make a difference in the world, and help animals that need help. We all should keep in mind that pollution is causing a lot of damage, is putting in risk the life of many animals and plants, and we all should stop that. Share the video and encourage people to keep the environment clean. It is all for us and the world we live in. We should all make a change, and make this world a better, cleaner, happier place!

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