This Trapper Woman’s Catch Is A Must See


It is always interesting to watch someone set a trap and the woman you are about to witness is as creative as they come. Her cleverness will definitely amaze you and what she catches is certainly shocking. This level of ingenuity is commendable and while she may not have caught exactly what she was looking for, all parties involved were happy in the end.

The stirring strings of Enya signify how special of a moment that this is for both the woman and the animal that managed to wander into her trap. She snared a beautiful, tiny white dog and was able to offer it a much better life.

Once the dog had been caught in the trap, it was placed in a kennel cab. Even though the dog was moved from a trap to a kennel cab, its facial expression seems to indicate happiness. This pup knows that the woman means well and has its best interests at heart.

The dog was forced to call the great outdoors its home, but thanks to the skillful trapper, this adorable creature no longer has to be forced to live in squalor. Every dog deserves a second chance and thanks to this woman, this dog is able to receive a richly deserved new lease on life.

No longer forced to live outside, no longer forced to use the ground for a bed, this dog is about as grateful as they come. The dog’s second day with its new friend was even better. The dog was able to have a meet and greet, a grooming, as well as a trip to the vet.

These were much needed occurrences for the poor animal, whose fur needed extreme maintenance. This animal was also in dire need of affection from caring humans who were truly invested in its well being. Thanks to this woman’s amazing trapping skills, the dog was able to embark on a new trail and get a second chance at life, a second chance that many dogs are not as blessed to receive.

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