This Tortoise’s Shell Gets Clean With A Toothbrush, But Her Reaction? ADORABLE!


This tortoise is shaking his money maker with such spirit, such undeniable passion, you would think that he has been dancing for his entire life. Tortoises may not be known for speed, precision movements or their excitability, but they can certainly shift gears quickly when they are properly motivated. Perhaps the shell scratch was so good, it inspired him to move it, move it.
We live in a world that is now chock full of reality dancing shows, geared towards a variety of different age groups and interests. With so many out there for viewers to choose from, it is high time that we developed a show that would allow tortoises like our very good friend here to showcase their talents.

If you are having a bad day, be sure to take a moment to watch this clip. It is sure to put a huge smile on your face. After seeing a video like this, I doubt that it is even possible to continue to be down in the dumps. Your mood will shift as quickly as the tortoise’s did! Perhaps with the right brush, we can convince this dancing fool to do the “Macarena” next.

This little guy will certainly make you grin and he sure did plaster a big. dopey smile all over my face. If you enjoy this hilarious video as much as I did, then be sure to share it with all of your fellow animal lovers out there and post it to Facebook, so that your friends and loved ones can take the time out of their day to enjoy it.

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