This Teen Is In A Dangerous Situation With An Older Man, What Bystanders Do Is Shocking


Watch this video to see what these innocent bystanders do in this stressful situation. Sixteen year old Maria has met up with an older man in his forties. She of course has met him online and he has chatted her up. See the outcome of this scary situation and what innocent bystanders end up doing. What would you do in a situation like this.The older man has been texting and communicating with Maria along with sending her pictures of his nephew to disguise who he really is. Watch how couples young and old react to this situation. A middle age couple steps right up to protect Maria. Watch as they make her sit where he can’t get ahold of her. Watch as these innocent bystanders swing into action to save this 16 year old girl. Even an old couple leap into action to save Maria. The old couple won’t let her go with the older man. The old couple know that times have changed and the world is a more dangerous place. Watch as they tell you about the dangers of the Internet today.
Watch this “How would you react video” and see what really happens to save this 16 year old girl from the older man. Watch as a pair of teenage sisters are laughing and joking about the situation and how they change and become serious. This is an interesting situation and you can watch how people from all walks of life react to the situation.

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