This Swimming Hedgehog Had No Idea What Would Happen Next


While some may be skeptical about yet another animal related video that has gone viral, if there was ever a video that truly earned that kind of notoriety, this one is certainly it. Not only is it perfect viewing all year round, but it is great for the summer time, as well.

Sarah Willis is certainly a super woman and as a super woman, she has the ability to leap into swimming pools, only needing a single bound in order to do so. In this clip, we get to see her rescue a hedgehog who is in danger of drowning and the entirety of the moment is captured on her Google Glass.

She has already spoken about the dangers of wearing your Google Glass into a swimming pool, but the typical rules did not apply in this particular situation. Sarah saw a helpless animal who was in danger and the actions that she took to rescue this poor, pitiful creature will completely selfless.

The hedgehog was certainly grateful for Sarah’s help and hearts are bound to melt when they watch him happily allowing this brave woman to scoop him up from his watery prison. Wait until you hear the musical selection that is chosen to score this epic rescue. It is simply too perfect for us to spoil here.

Even though hedgehogs are prickly and may look scary to those who do not have any experience in dealing with them, these adorable creatures often need our help. If they are presented with a steep sided hole, there is a good chance they will fall down. Even if the hole is filled with water, hedgehogs are known to plummet quickly, without much chance of rescuing themselves.

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