This Song Never Fails To Bring The Tears. But This Video Is So Touching I Could Barely Stop The…


Nick Vujicic sings “Something More” as a cover and makes you realize that everyone has a time in their life when it seems like they have hit rock bottom. The song is the original creation of Tyrone Wells. Nick was born with an ailment that we can never imagine or fathom; he has no arms or legs. He gets around with the use of a motorized chair and by lying on a skate board. He has seen really hard times and understands feeling of loss and depression. He admits to trying to commit suicide at the age of 10 because he had no hope of a better life. He was unable to play with the rest of the children to the extent that he wanted because of this lack of mobility. The video follows people of all races, socioeconomic groups, and backgrounds through their day-to-day problems. A homeless man, a woman that fights with her spouse, a teenager with no friends, a woman that lost her husband in the service of his country, all end up on the same beach. They suffer from different problems but they all feel the same and that is what “Something More” is about. We may believe that we are alone with our problems but that is not the case, there is something more out there for us.

Abandoning hope is not the answer, it is during the worst of times that we need to lift up our neighbor and Nick does that through sharing his story and song. The video shows that all of these people are able to be together without prejudice and feel only love and togetherness when before they were filled with sadness and despair. The people on the beach jump in the water to pull Nick from the water. In this single act they are united and forget their problems.

Nick’s Christian beliefs keep him strong through even the hardest of times. He is able to rely on Christ through serving and contributing his fellow man. His gift to the world is through his contributions and story. The end of the video encourages those who don’t get miracles to become one.

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