This soldier surprises his best friend with a sudden homecoming. His dog’s reaction? PRICELESS!……


Dogs are taken from local animal rescue groups and given training in order to be placed with the veteran who needs them. (In this sense, the dog is in need of some healing too!) Together these two friends are able to save each others and heal what was once boken in them.
Animals have often been used in therapies to treat physical disabilities. They also help the psychological aspects of PTSD and reducing the overall symptoms of PTSD. More than 82% of people helped have seen major signs of improvement since owning their rescued dog.
Pets for Vets isn’t the only organization to do this. There are many like it that help veterans and active military members heal as well as strengthen their relationships with their pets. Some include Dogs on Deployment, Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and Operation Baghdad Pups.

Most times, these dogs and soldiers are all each other has.

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