This Runt Was Shunned By The Litter & Mom, But Watch When The Lady Does This


The little puppy named Lilly Blossom is barely a week old but she’s the smallest of the litter and already her brothers and sisters have been ganging up on her. In nature it’s not uncommon for the runt to be pushed away from their mother by a throng of hungry puppies. Eventually they die of starvation. This little girl is lucky though. Her human nurse is there with everything she needs to help her take a tinkle, lay a little puppy log and suckle away to her heart’s content.

Once the puppy has finished eating then Adele has rigged up the ultimate virtual newborn puppy environment. It’s half womb and half mommy Yorkie. Adele uses a reusable Tictac heating pad under a faux fir doggie bag inside a basket. The gel stays warm for about four hours, a convenient coincidence because that’s about how long baby Yorkshire Terriers like to sleep. To reuse, boil the Tictac bag for four minutes. The liquid becomes clear again and the bag is ready to use again for another power nap.

“But wait”, you say, “there’s something missing. What are the Q-tips for?” That’s a delicate subject so you’ll just have to watch the video for that. Judging from the happy little cries from Lilly Blossom though it was all good.

Yorkshire Terriers and Biro Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies as lovers of these personable little fur balls like to call them have an amazing history. First bred to control mice in cloth factories and clothing mills, these intelligent dogs turned into the favorite companions of blue haired ladies everywhere. Most Yorkies grow to be no more than 7 pounds. This little girl has a lot of milk to drink before she gets anywhere near that weight but she looks like she is getting a good start.

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