This Puppy Noticed An “Enemy” Inside His Home. Watch What He Does To Defend His Family.


Puppies see everything as a challenge! This adorable Golden Retriever has found a challenger hiding in his home. He hides in plain sight right behind the door. The puppy tried to ignore it, but he had to show it – that he was in the puppy’s domain. Much to the puppy’s surprise, the challenger “snapped back” when pawed and made a very strange sound! Of course this was unacceptable and the puppy went to work to show the intruder who ran things at that home! Puppies, like human babies are cute and funny and we could and do spend hours watching them. Much like toddlers, we can spend a fortune on toys to keep them busy and they will step around them and play with the box. They also seem to think, you are always keeping the best stuff for yourself. Sure you gave your puppy a toy that squeaks, lights up and gets great “air” when the puppy throws it in the yard. But then you took this long white thing that slides right over your foot and stays there until you (or he) takes it off of you. And when he grabs the long white thing and pulls it off your foot it turns YOU on and you start chasing him and playing with him. So like a toddler, given a choice of playing quietly with his toy, or having you chase him trying to get back yours. He’s going for yours!

Also, much like children, we have to remember that the cute little guy will not be little (though will still be cute) forever. What is funny and is not a huge deal when they are little is not so funny later on. For example, it is funny when you ask a three year old if they have been eating chocolate and they swear they have not, with the evidence so clearly all over their face! You hold your breath to keep from laughing while they swear again and again that they did not eat it. But when he has become a 13 year old and they are swearing they did not touch the liquor cabinet, it is more cause for concern and is not so cute.

A puppy chewing on an old house shoe is cute. You laugh as he chews pulls and carries it off to his kennel to have a go with it. But when the puppy is a full grown dog and instead of a house shoe he has you favorite running shoe that you paid big bucks for, you won’t be laughing. Children and puppies have to be trained. They have to be trained to know what they can and cannot do. You can laugh behind their backs about how cute it is. But do not laugh in their face when they are caught with something they should not have. Either way you are training them. You are either training them to behave well or you are training them that it is okay for naughty children to grow into naughty people and no one can undo that damage.

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