This Puppy Isn’t Sure What to Do About His Hiccups, So He Barks At Them


Here is little Buck. He is eight weeks-old and this is the firs time ever he experiences hiccups. I bet he doesn’t know what hiccups mean, and when he first experiences them, he gets really surprised. He starts barking, because he can’t understand that something weird is happening inside him. To him looks like someone is tickling, or disturbing on purpose.

He doesn’t know how to react so he continues doing what he probably does best by this age, barking at everything. He looks around a couple of times, as if he wants to ask what is happening. He is really shocked at what is happening, but he doesn’t know what it is. He looks around, and nothing. He looks up at his mommy, and of course she is making a cute video of her little ball of joy. Still Buck can’t understand what could it be.

Hiccups can be very tricky in fact. First of all they scare all of us because they start unexpectedly. They continue in an interval, and from my own experience there is nothing you can do to stop it actually. Now can you imagine your dog first experiencing hiccups. i bet they get really nervous not known what;s happening with them. Then I guess they start wondering how to stop the madness. I believe there is nothing left for us to do, but enjoy the cute, and funny reactions of our dogs. They really know how to put a smile on our faces every time something happens to them. I hope you will enjoy this short, yet adorable video of this little beautiful pup, as much as I did. And as always if you like the video, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends.

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