This Puppy Is On A Mission To Wake His Dad Up. How He Does It Had Me In Stitches!


The man doesn’t quite know what’s going on at first. He turns his head back and forth a couple of times before finally opening his eyes. As he begins to wake up he sees what’s going on. The adorable puppy is giving him a wake-up call! The puppy licks, and licks this poor guys face until he is finally awake. The guy takes it pretty well. Of course, how could you ever be mad waking up to kisses from such an adorable puppy? The wife, or girlfriend, is laughing, and laughing saying “Good boy Georgie” and “wakey, wakey on your day off!” She finally calls the puppy off of him because the puppy is getting so excited the poor guy can barely breath. Georgie sure did do an excellent job of waking his master up. If I were her I’d be laughing my butt off too!

This video is just too cute, and it is absolutely hilarious. It is definitely a must see for all of you animal lovers out there. Can you imagine being woken up like this? What would you do if you were this guy? Really, what could you do other than open your eyes, smile, and pet the adorable little puppy?

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