This Puppy Has Never Seen A Cat Before… Now Watch What The Kitten Does. ADORABLE!


This yellow lab raised on a wildlife ranch in another part of the world takes care of any baby animal, regardless the species. The nurturing mother cares for orphan baby wild cats, potbelly pigs, and a barn owl baby she found. Some of the babies have known no other mother and thought the lab is their mother. The hilarious antics between mother and wildlife babies is adorable and amusing to watch. The game warden shakes his head as the lab brings in a pigmy baby hippo, who lost the herd in a high water crossing. The hippo mother drown, and the warden brought the baby hippo back to the wildlife ranch to protect it from predators. The yellow mother lab adopted the hippo baby along with the many other babies she had already taken in.

Unlikely Best Friends Pit Bull and Tortoise

A pit bull and tortoise show the world best friends are not always the same species. A vet rescued the pit bull from inhumane circumstances, almost starved and beaten. This vet had rescued a large garden tortoise from another family, which did not know the right care and feeding after the tortoise grew into alarming large size. He found the pair curled up and asleep together, and as days passed, the unlikely friends ate with each other and played together in the yard. The vet adopted the pit bull to keep her in the family, and the tortoise waits patiently outside the door every day to play with his friend.

The Blue Tick Hound and Orangutan Unlikely Friendship

The female orangutan lives on a rare and endangered species reserve built for exotic animals people raise from babies and no longer want, or fined for animal cruelty. This orangutan is a rare species, but her friend is a stray dog, who followed the truck home after a vet visit. The handlers called around, and no one claimed the hound. The female orangutan and dog became close friends living, playing, and eating together inseparable. This unlikely friendship shows everyone needs a little love and friendship, regardless the species.

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