This Pup Was Scared And Living In A Hospital Parking Lot. Until A Nurse Noticed And Called For Help!


In the wide world, souls emerge and depart every minute, every second. A fluffy soul emerged into the world one day, but wound up cold, alone, and uncared for in a hospital parking lot. Her name is now Oakley, but when she was discovered, the little no-name Maltese pup was mangy and dirty. Her once fleecy fine white fur carried within it the dirt, bugs, and toxins of the street. A nurse found it in her heart to call for help, and a Hope for Paws aide embarked upon the pick-up . On this evening, after one failed attempt during daylight, he used a device that is somewhat like a leash with the ability to mildly lasso the animal, clearly for the safety of the person AND, indeed, the animal . At first glance, the instrument may seem cruel, but it is not. It is an effective way to avoid the initial confrontation that a scared animal may detect.
As Oakley sat in the dirt, an ever vigilant eye out for danger, the aide walked quietly up to her and from behind he gently leashed the dog. Initially, she was terrified and hysterical.

Oakley seeks a permanent home now. She is ready for Chapter Two of her flourishing life.

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