This Pup Takes His Ball Up The Stairs. What He Does Next? Absolute GENIUS!


The price for the best “Self-Entertianer” goes to…
Puppies and dogs always try to find different ways to keep themselves busy. Depending on the dog, the activities they choose are different. The puppy in this video is just a true delight. First of all he is extremely cute. Second he looks like a smart puppy. Third he has found the best way to entertain himself. I have to admit that if there would be a competition or something; the price for the best “Self-Entertainer” goes to… This puppy would be the winner. There is no way out of this.
This puppy has found the most amazing way to entertain himself. What he does is bringing the ball on top of the stairs and letting it free. The ball slides down the stairs, hits the wall and stays at the end of the stairs. The puppy goes down the stairs grabs the ball, and starts climbing the stairs. Then this whole thing starts from the beginning. It is such a beautiful way to entertain a puppy. It is a good exercise for the mind and the body. I say so because the puppy uses his brain to make this happen in the first place, and going up and down the stairs is like a work out!

I don’t now if there are any cutter, better ideas to get self-entertained, but as I said: The price for the best “Self-Entertainer” goes to… This puppy definitely. He has got to be my favorite for having that playful spirit. I just love it when I see fully energized dogs, eager to have some good fun. I say good-fun because this puppy found a way to get entertained without having to rip off the couch, or eat the shoes of the whole family. IF you think this puppy is just too cute, then don’t hesitate to share him with our loved ones.

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