This Proud Pitbull Papa Loves His Puppies


Not only is Hulk one of the biggest dogs on the planet, but he has also developed a level of notoriety that matches his impressive size. But this world famous dog is now taking on a brand new role and it is sure to make you break out into a ear to ear grin.

Upon first learning of Hulk’s existence, we did not even know what to make of him or what to say. He is already one of the largest dogs to ever exist and already tipped the scales at 175 pounds when he was just a few months old. Hulk is still growing, as well, which only adds to the amazement.

Dark Dynasty K9, the company responsible for breeding Hulk, recently uploaded a video featuring Hulk that received an astonishing 12 million views (and counting). This firmly established Hulk as a star and got people talking about this amazing animal.

While some watchdogs (no pun intended) expressed a great deal of concern about the breeding techniques of Dark Dynasty K9 and wondered if we would one day live in a world overrun by gigantic dogs, another video recently surfaced that would assuage the fears of many who believe that a pitbull is an inherently violent creature.

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